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Below is the list of brands of Fertilizers produce by Continental Fertilizer Ltd.

1. Urea

2. N.P.K 28-12-12

3. N.P.K 15-15-15

4. N.P.K 20-10-10

5. Super Single Phosphate



N.P.K 28-12-12

N.P.K 20-10-10

Chemical Composition of N.P.K 20-10-10 Free flowing mixture of red, white, ash and grey granular
N+K+P2O2: 40.0% min
N 20.0 % min:
P2O2 10.0 % min
Soluble P2O2: 10.0% min
K2O: 10.0 % min
Moisture: 2.0% max
Particle size: 90.0%min (1-4.75 mm)

N.P.K 15-15-15

Chemical Composition of N.P.K 15-15-15 Free flowing white granular (it can also be another colour mostly red or ash but alwaysin a single colour).
N+K+P2O2: 45.0% min
N 15.0 % min:
P2O2 15.0 % min
K2O 15.0 % min:
Moisture: 2.0% max
Particle size : 90.0%min (1-4.75 mm)



Continental Fertilizer Limited liaises with Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for research and analysis to insure that only best quality fertilizer are produced and supplied.

The company always submits samples of its product to the Department of soil science at the Agricultural Research Institute; the Department makes analysis of the product then makes recommendations on whether or not, the product is qualitative enough to be used.

Only product that has the recommended quality are supplied and used in farms; as Continental Fertilizer Limited does not compromise on quality. This is why the company makes the phrase ‘GUARANTEED QUALITY’ its slogan and motto.